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What is excess land, and how does it work?

Excess land is defined by PennDOT as land which has been acquired but not needed for present or future transportation purposes.

At the completion of highway projects, there are at times, sections of land left unneeded. The Department of Transportation then reviews these parcels of land, inspecting various aspects such as highway impact as well as any environmental concerns that may have resulted from the construction. These parcels are also appraised to determine fair market value. Once the approvals are given by all necessary PennDOT departments, and it is determined that this land is no longer needed, the process of disposition moves to the next step.

Notice is then given to public entities that this land is available, through an advertisement in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Once this phase is completed, any remaining available land is posted for public sale. Most often, this is done through a public auction or sealed bid. Signs will be posted on the available parcels, and complete information about each piece of land will be listed on this website.

This website will include information such as property zoning, parcel size and location, maps showing the approximate addresses, available utilities, listing status, and dates for things such as maintenance as well as public auctions.

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To read Act 100, please click here to download the file. This document is in PDF format. An online version is available on the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors website, here.

To learn more about PennDOT's policy on the Right to Know Law, Act 212 of 1957, please click here.

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